I am Patrick. Who are you?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last few months. Who am I? Who is Patrick?How do I want to show up in the world and what type of person do I want to be.

I have a vision for who I want to become. I have a vision for the impact I want to make in the world. I have a vision for how I can help each and every one of you build a business or a career that will provide your most fulfilling, happy, and joyful life. And this vision also includes making this world we live in a better place for all of us that live here. We have one home, it’s called Earth, and I’ve come here to help us all enjoy this place and protect it.

There is some incredible progress taking place where I see that vision coming into reality. But sometimes I struggle and I’m overwhelmed with the next steps to take. Do I do this action or this action first? Where do I focus my energy and my time? How can I enable this group to not only positively change your lives but the lives of the people around you? But then I think back and I’m grateful for what we have already created together.

My Facebook group, Those That Inspire, started out of my own journey. I started listening to podcasts, going to conferences, yoga retreats, and entrepreneur trips. I just wanted to share that knowledge that I learned during these experiences with anyone that would listen. So I started a Facebook chat with myself and 30 friends.  The goal was to share one positive, inspiring and empowering piece of content per day that we could all discuss and use to grow ourselves as human beings.

That vision has morphed into much more, into a Facebook group with over 700 people, into 90-day community content challenges, into in-person meetups, into life changing experiences together. And this is only the beginning! We all have each other and we can accomplish so much more together than alone.

This journey has taken me across the Atlantic Ocean 3 times by cruise ship on something called the Nomad Cruise, where at lot of this mindset was born. It was there I connected with Miles Beckler and many other successful entrepreneurs that are now my friends for the first time. Many of which are in my Facebook group. And if it wasn’t for them them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. To a life that I love and keeps getting better each and every day.

It’s funny how we often don’t think to invest in ourselves. During that first Nomad Cruise, I spent an extra 150 euro to upgrade to a balcony state room that gave me access to the Waves Club on-board. That extra 150 euro legitimately changed the course of my life. Proximity is power and it put me around all the people that could guide me in the right direction and support my journey, while I also support theirs.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes and failed to take action along the way. That first summer after I quit my 9-5 job, I basically wandered aimlessly around Europe trying to find my way. I landed in Lisbon with no plan for the next 3 months. Summer in Europe was incredible and freeing after working in the corporate world for 7 years; I was finally free to do what I wanted to do with my life. But there was one problem, I still had to make money to support myself!

And I was being guided by the entrepreneurs I met on Nomad Cruise. Mile’s encouraged me to create a podcast which I did. It was called the Nomad Podcast and I created 5 episodes before I abandoned that idea. Looking back on it now and the state of the nomad community, that podcast 3 1/2 years later could be incredibly successful today if I had kept up the consistency.

But that doesn’t mean I see it as a failure, I see it as a learning opportunity and I was experimenting. I was finding my way and learning the skills I needed to have to put all of the pieces together now, here in 2020. Everything from video editing, blogging, interviewing, personal branding, etc. I’ve experimented with all of the steps that it takes to create a successful online business.

What was I truly missing that first year though? I was missing structure and a close community of people that we at the same level I was on and wanted to create something similar for their lives. Well now we have it, we have this community.  A global community of incredible mindful and heart focused humans that are here to support each other. And now I can take all of that knowledge and keep moving forward into turning this community into something super special, what I hope will be a gift for the world.

Miles calls it the 33% rule. You need to spend 33% of your time with people at a similar stage in their lives, then you spend 33% of your time with people that you can help, and 33% of your time with people that you can learn from.  We have all 3 tiers in this group in my opinion; we can learn about health coaching, internet marketing, software development, law; you name it, there is probably somebody in this group that has a skillset that they can help you with. And if there isn’t a direct connection here, I promise within one or two degrees of freedom, you will find it.

So getting back to who am I? Who is Patrick? He’s someone that wants to make a massive positive change in the world, he’s someone that wants to support you on your journey, and he’s someone that wants to build a business that really makes a positive impact for society and the planet. And he needs your help to do it, because we have each other and we can grow together.

I created my Facebook group because I wanted to be the change I wish to see in the world. I truly believe the universe will support you once you decide what you want to create in this world, it just takes some clarity to get there and figure out exactly what that is for you.

So now that I’ve told you who I am, who are you? How can myself and our community support you? Myself, I can help you learn about personal growth and branding, I can help you learn how to build a website, build out a full internet marketing system that will create the life of your dreams. And I can party and have fun with all of you as we travel and meetup around the world. But that’s me, who are you?

Photo Credit Adrian Petrasch

2 thoughts on “I am Patrick. Who are you?

  1. Good article. Nice to meet you Patrick. My blog, well the new one, came out of my own self reflection and improvement. I too, learned (and still am), to put on the oxygen mask before helping others. I found that I was exhausted for so long. Weary. When I sat down – there was nothing left for me. That has since changed. Again, good article, and I hope we cross paths again. Thanks man. +Follow.


  2. Hi Patrick, nice intro. My name is Sophy. My family call me “So”, my friends call me “Phie/Phy” I am a hobbyist photographer and a video producer. I love travelling, but haven’t traveled much 🙂


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