2020 Expand Your Reach Content Challenge

Let’s work together to grow our online reach in 2020!

Are you looking to start the year off strong, grow your online audience, and learn how to share your story with the world?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or digital nomad looking to expand your reach and build an audience?

Are you interested in being a part of a community that will help you overcome those fears, build your portfolio and reach your goals?

Then join us for the next 90 days (starting January 1st, but you can join anytime) as we work together to expand your mind, your skillset, and your global network so you can really start to crush your fears and build a lifestyle that will allow you to command and control your freedom.

We often hold ourselves back in life and don’t share our gifts with the world because we are afraid of how others might judge us.  Those fears keep us from growing our business and living our most fulfilled life; but what we fail to realize is that everyone else has the same fears and insecurities too! When we have something to share with the world, we have a responsibility to get it out there!

But little do we realize the personal transformation we will also go through when we start to share our own story.  When we start to be brave, bold and courageous to create content for the world, we transform ourselves into someone we didn’t know we wanted to be!

Through this experience you will build a portfolio of work that will be the foundation for your mindset, your business and your life. But you will also:

  • Feel comfortable and excited to post content when you normally would give up.
  • Create an exciting daily habit to post on social media.
  • Be held accountable through the community to post every day for 90 days.
  • Get inspiration from the community to give you ideas to make posting fun and easy.
  • Overcome the fear of sharing your feelings which have been holding you back from posting. With the help of the community, you will turn this fear into an asset.
  • Be part of a community which will give you positive constructive feedback.
  • See that the things you have to share are super inspiring for other people.
  • Create a strong sense for value creation through posting.
  • Create a bigger audience, both online and “in-real life”
  • Gather friends and feel less alone on your own journey.
  • See that it is so much easier to express what is meaningful to you to other people.
  • Make More Money.  Generate More Business and Clients
  • Learn how to target the right audience
  • Overcome fears of judgement
  • Create awareness of your hidden limiting beliefs

Sure you could go out and do the content challenge by yourself, but what our previous challenge participants have said is that it was really the community that kept them going.  

It was the community that inspired them, that made them wake up to write those daily posts, to think differently, and to dig deeper, be more vulnerable, and be consistent.

“The Challenge helped me solve the problem of inconsistency and it also helped me seeing the focus on my message more. Community aspect helped too for accountability and support”Alexandra Zuber

“The challenge helped me to get over the limiting belief that I didn’t have enough content to be consistent. It also showed me how important consistency is for me in my life and business and helped open my eyes to triggers I was not realizing I was having and helped me to see that I was unknowingly putting unfair expectations on others. 🙏💜” Chelsea Elizabeth

“For me it was to finally commit to daily posting to grow my IG portfolio which I didn’t even have as a photographer. I’ve been consistent since Jan 1st. It has become a routine and a habit. I’ve put zero effort (yet) into growing more followers but it’s happening organically anyway day by day.” – Tijmen Hobbel

That’s what you are going to get from the 90 Day Expand Your Reach Content Challenge.  You are going to get the tools, the mindset, and the community to make this transformation happen for you.  I promise you will walk out on the other side wondering how did I not do this sooner.

The first time I completed this challenge myself I was pretty blown away from the results. I went from 0 to over 25,000 views in the first month. And even without doing anything recently, I still get around 3,000 views on my articles every month!

The Rules

Now I know this may sound like a pretty difficult challenge, but let me explain the rules as they are designed to help you succeed.

1. You must choose one social media platform and cannot switch during the challenge. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you will become an expert about posting on that platform and over time it will become easier for you to complete the daily posts. The second is that this consistency tells the algorithms that they should be sharing your quality content as more people start to follow your posts, which will grow your reach.

2. Posting for 90 days does not mean that you have to create the content every day of the challenge. Your posts just must go live on the internet every day; therefore you can use a tool to schedule your posts if you like and you can batch create your content. That’s why I’m announcing the challenge today but not starting until January 1st. You have some time to start building content before the challenge starts, so you have buffer room incase you don’t have to write/create every day.

3. This challenge is for you, not me. So there is no penalty for missing a day of the challenge, except that you start back at day 1 if you miss a day! Yes, this means that if you are on day 89 and forgot to post, well I guess you have another 3 months ahead of you to grow your account!

4. The posts must be permanent, that’s why Instagram stories or Snapchat doesn’t count since it must be permanent on the platform. Basically for each post, you must be able to send a link for others to see the content.

Other elements to this experience include:

  • Introduction Zoom Mastermind and get to know the group
  • Two 1 Hour Zoom Strategy Sessions with Q/A
  • Group Zoom call to discuss setting up your Internet Marketing monetization system
  • Facebook group to share your content with other participants and ask questions
  • Community Chat to ask real-time questions, provide support, ensure accountability
  • Daily 5 minute motivations audio recordings
  • Daily consistency check-ins
  • Two interviews with thought leaders in the social media or entrepreneur space where you will get to ask your own questions.
  • Workshop on tips and tricks for Instagram.
  • Ending Zoom Mastermind where we will go over our successes and plan our next steps.

This challenge is a $997 value, but because I want us all to succeed together in 2020, I’m running the challenge for FREE one last time so we can all go into the next decade with a strong support system behind us. This is absolutely the last time I will run this challenge for free, so don’t miss out! It’s going to be epic to grow our online audiences together.

If you want to join the challenge, please sign up using this link. You will receive further instructions soon about the challenge via email. Be sure to join my Facebook group too as that is where we will be collaborating with everyone. I look forward to going through this journey together and I think it will be super powerful for all of us to do it together. 2020, Let’s GO!!!!

Still not convinced? Hear what Kristin Wilson had to say about last years challenge!

Click Here to Join us for the 2020 Expand Your Reach Content Challenge!

5 thoughts on “2020 Expand Your Reach Content Challenge

  1. I will be posting a new post on my facebook page , One Life, Live It. I started a daily posting a couple of months ago to start a daily habit. And now i want to participate in this challenge. Thank you for doing this.


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